Other Products

EGYTRAY (Cable Trays)

A member of El Sewedy Industries, specialized in providing wide range of cables trays, cables trunks, cables ladder and accessories .

  • Cables Trays
  • Cables Trunks
  • Cables Ladder
  • Cables Support System

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EGYCON (UPVC Conduits)

A member of El Sewedy Industries is committed to provide both local markets of wide range of UPVC of conduits and accessories.

  • Super high Impact UPVC conduit
  • PVC conduit Fittings
  • PVC Circular Junction boxes
  • Junction Boxes
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For more details, please visit El Sewedy Industries/egycon

Canyon Lamps

Canyon Lamps offer economy and excellent luminous flux & environmental friendly with a low mercury content it is perfect for all operation modes. Canyon Lamps can operate with conventional control gear and starters or with electronics control gear.
  • Fluorescent Lamps
  • Tubular

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Explosion Proof Electrical Equipment

LIGHTING JUNCTION BOXES- guv..gua..p/guve..guae..p eex-p/eex-e
LIGHTING JUCNTION BOXES – cp/cpe..eex-d/eex-e
LIGHTING JUNCTION BOXES- cpf../cpfe…eex-d/eex-e
Instrument Housing - EMH – 160/230 EEx-d llC
Earthing Clamp –PTA 10-25 EEx-d
Instrument Housings EJB../..F EEx-D llB
Earthing control System- EVde-.. EEx-de
Earthing Control System GUMT -325 + CAY 2,5+ PTA 325
Foot Switch- EFDCN-21PE EEx-d
Enclosures for Control Station- EFDCN – G..-120 EEx-d
Lighting Fixture – Evde.. EEx-de
Lighting Fixtures Fluorescent for Zone 2 and 22
Flood Lights-FL.. EEx-de
Rotary Siren- EST-.. EEx-d llC
Horn – ETH -.. EEx-d
Lighting Fluorescent for Zone 1- EVF- P Series EEx-d Size 18-36-58
Rotating Signaling lights- EVde-.. ROT EEx-de
Electronic Flash Lights-EVde- XN EEx-de
Aircraft Lights- XN EEx-de
Aircraft Warning Lights- IQL -85 /WAD -100
Hand lamp- EVP-..EEx-d
Polyester Junction Boxes
E..EEx-e ll
Stainless Steel 1L Junction Boxes
Miniature Circuit Breakers
Moulded Case Circuit Breakers
Motor Starters- EJB../TTB-ITB-STB..EEx-d
On Load Switches – EJB-../I-IF EEx-d
Lighting & Power Distribution Panels-EJB../QADL; EEx-d IIb & IIC
Receptacles and Plugs- FSQ..EEx-d

For more details, please visit El Sewedy Cables/explosion proof

Steel Structure

We deliver state of the art steel structure from Heavy Section, Crane, Girders to Pipe racks, Rolled profile products to Built up Sections. We offers a complete service package for a variety of structural projects that enable us to be a leading steel fabricator in Egypt & the MENA Region in the following categories
  • Structural Steel Building
  • Structural Steel for Heavy Bridges
  • Structural Steel for Pipe rack
  • Structural Steel for Pre-heater Towers
  • Structural Steel for Terminal Building
  • Structural Steel for gantries & overhead traveling
  • Miscellaneous Structural Steel
  • Handrails & ladders

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For more details, please visit El Sewedy Industries/asf/steelstructure.